Blockchain Consulting & Development Solutions

Our blockchain solutions

Our blockchain software developers provide solutions for data, customer interactions, and business process management that are industry-specific. Customers that use Commercle's blockchain development services can acquire standalone bespoke blockchain solutions or blockchain components that can be incorporated into existing enterprise systems.


Blockchain Development Services

We assist businesses in integrating blockchain-based solutions into their day-to-day operations. We provide blockchain development for a variety of corporate activities, from customer data exchange to safe supply chain management to transparent accounting, in addition to cryptocurrencies.

ICO Development

We walk our customers through the whole ICO launch, advertising, and support process. We provide our technology expertise in implementing token design, ICO campaign administration, and oversight solutions.

Blockchain Consultation

We assist our customers comprehend the benefits and drawbacks of blockchain solutions for each business case, despite our own resistance to the hype. Once our business analysts have determined that blockchain is the right technology for your project, we design a plan for blockchain software development, deployment, and long-term use.


The concept of NFT is to digitalize signature products or artists and creations for their art, music, and videos which can generate a huge amount of revenue if marketed properly. We handle NFT Mining, Smart Contracts, and NFT Minting services.

Payment Integration

Integrating cryptocurrency payment into your website is a smart niche in your business. We assist our customers in integrating blockchain technology and payment solutions to their payment options. You will be able to decide which cryptocurrency will be accepted along with all the other financial options.

Blockchain for E-Commerce

Cryptocurrency transactions
Digital Wallets
Payment Processing
CrowdSales and auctions
Token-based purchases
Peer-to-peer transactions
Direct sales
Supply Chain Management
Shipment tracking
Provenance tracking
Inventory management
Product traceability
B2C Transactions
Customer data protection
Loyalty schemes
Direct B2C interactions
Platforms We Work With