Corporate Multimedia Packages

From staged product shots and lifestyle photos to graphics and memes, visual content can say so much about your brand. Whether you’re planning a completely organic approach to social media management or you’re considering a few paid campaigns, our marketing team is ready to get this done. Every social media plan should start with at least one goal to work toward. And that goal needs to include objectives that aren’t vague nor unreachable or open-ended.

F&B Photography

    F&B Photography + Reels Package

      Corporate Events (Photography)

        Corporate Events (Photography + Highlights)

          ECommerce Shoot (20 Products)

            Real Estate (Photography + Videography)

              Commercial Video Production

                Our Photography & Media


                Commercial Photo Shooting

                Professional Photo Shooting session will be handled and styled by our media experts for your company products or services.

                Creative Video Shooting

                High-Quality Video Shooting based on the type chosen will be provided and styled by our media experts to your needs.

                Event Shooting

                It's a joy for us to be able to assist you with your events. Our crew will conduct professional picture and video sessions, which will be edited and delivered to you.

                Photo Conversion

                Convert photos to digital formats will give you a disc or drive of your old photos, negatives, or slides, digitally archived and ready for devices we use every day. We can also edit and improve the old images to internet-friendly files for you to share through social media.


                If you have some images that require retouching and minor optimization we can do it and provide you with the best possible results and edits.

                Pre Shooting

                The main aim of the pre-shoot is to get used to being in front of the camera, build rapport with your photographer.


                Masters at editing your image media files with any details such as masking, portrait, smart AI resizing and more.


                We create distinctive, vibrant illustrations and animations that consumers will remember. Feelingpeaky has the skills to help your brand stand out from your competition and grab attention.

                Professional Video Editing

                We edit every form of video 4K resolution support, including commercials, corporate, social media, invites, memorable moments, business, whiteboard, and more to make it more appealing and attractive.

                COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY & CREATIVE Video Production Agency in UAE

                Master photographers for personal & corporate event's!

                Video filming in the studio with presenter. Video editing on monitors. Video Production, Recording, Videography, Blogging. Vector illustration flat style

                We feel that what sets us apart from the competition is our commitment to quality. We base our abilities on knowledge and experience. As a result, it allows us to be more inventive in all aspects of manufacturing. Our services make things happen from the storyboard to the final cut.

                Video Production Process Simplified
                Video production process with three circles and a submenu for each list
                Client Meeting and Briefing

                The inception of the journey to understand and grasp the client’s requirements and design the project.

                Scripting and Storyboard

                With careful investigation, to conceptualize, visualize, and scribble it down on paper.

                Scheduling Estimates and Pre-Production

                Estimating the process time it takes to complete the whole process after carefully looking at the project design and requirements.

                Production and Post-Production

                Production process is started assuring the appropriate level of technical skill and meticulous planning with attention to small details.

                Final Touches and Submission

                Assuring that the final output satisfies all of the project's goals and objectives, as well as delivering the film on schedule and in the video file format of your choice, with high-quality rendering.

                Create your brand’s next visual experience today!

                Our Video Type Services Include:

                Video Marketing Details Visual with sub-categories for messages, search, idea, advertising, success, process, and video management.
                Trailer Video

                Bringing together ideas, creativity, and talent to create aesthetically stunning trailers. With high-quality production values. As a result, a video that takes viewers on a journey is created. Trailer videos are usually 1-3 minutes long and outline all of your essential headlines which can be used as an advertisement video on any social media platform.

                Promotional Video

                With the utilization of fast wireless Internet, powerful mobile devices, and companies recognizing that they can afford and utilize video in their marketing, promotional films have become extremely popular.

                Examples of Promotional Videos:

                Talking-head Videos
                Corporate Videos
                Testimonial Videos
                Presentation Videos
                Explainer Videos
                Human Resources Videos
                Unboxing Videos
                Product Demonstration Videos
                Event Videos
                Presentation Videos
                Keynote Slideshow Presentation Videos
                Comparison Videos
                Giveaway Videos
                Product Review Videos
                Announcement Videos

                Animation Video

                We make stunning animated films in both 2D and 3D. From the most fundamental idea to the most advanced rigging and rendering techniques. Animated visuals add a little bit of movement that can attract the eye and add value in a short, snappy way which can be useful in form of advertising or explaining any concept. Animated videos are widely used by social media platforms to grab a users attention and direct them to their page. Some companies prefer to use animation videos in their company such as a Dental clinic showing different types of animated videos for tooth work.

                Real Estate Video

                Using videos to give a tour of the houses and properties you're selling is a great way to get a better idea of what you're selling. Buyers will be more inclined to contact you or your real estate agent if you create an intriguing and engaging video. Photoshooting images will also be provided with full modifications that fit your needs.

                Documentary Video

                Documentary video or film that peeks into a real-life theme, person, event, or a business process of any kind. They are often instructive in nature, very specific, and have an appealing tone to them. Finally, a story is usually recorded with sincerity that, in theory, moves anyone who sees it.