Marketing Strategies: Unlock Digital Marketing Skills

By Rahma Monsef, on May 16, 2024

Since the very early ages, humans have had the desire to sell what they have to get what they want. And it’s not even about money. The act of selling a product was there before the widespread use of currency! We all know the story of Jack and the Beanstalk when Jack was in need of selling his cow, and instead, he came home with no cow and with a bunch of beans! (This is probably the scenario that happens every time we go to the market or talk to a salesman). It’s art, how the old man had convinced Jack to sell his cow for 3 beans. To become a good marketer, you need to think of good markers and follow their lead. To get your way in marketing, you need to be the old man in some cases. And to survive the recent marketing environment, you need to become a young man. So the real question is:  

How To Become The Oldman Of The Story

Lesson 1: Determine Your Target Audience

The old man was looking for a client to sell the beans to. He knew he could not convince the prince of the kingdom, simply because he wasn’t in need of what the old man was offering. Or the baker of town, because he wouldn’t benefit the old man. He knew what he was looking for, a Jack. Sensing the curiosity and spirit of adventure in Jack was his first step in the trade. Know who you are looking for.

Lesson 2: Right Person, Right Time. 

Now that you know your Jack, you need to appeal to him. The old man was there in the right place and at the right time. When Jack was in town and in need of a solution to his troubles... Be smart like the old man, and promote your solutions, to the right people, just at the right time. Investigate where your target audience goes, do they take the golden cart of the metro? Or do they wait at a certain stop on a street where you can hang your poster? Do they shop at certain malls? Do they follow a specific influencer? Know where your target audience goes, and make sure you’re right there. 

Commercle Marketing Agency Dubai UAE | Elevating Brands with 14+ Years of Expertise Commercle Marketing Agency Dubai UAE | Elevating Brands with 14+ Years of Expertise

Spotify chose the New York City Subway for its campaign placement. Guess what? The subway is a high-traffic area with a diverse and tech-savvy user base, making it an ideal location to reach a people they target. Picture from here.

Lesson 3: Promise Magic. 

Would Jack have ever traded a whole cow for a bunch of beans if they were not magical? Probably not. And this is the case for almost every product. A scrub that will make every problem in your skin disappear, or a washing powder that will make all stains vanish. So offer the advantage of your product/service, and make it seem like a need. Make it seem like there’s a deadline. But never show desperation. Make the customer feel like they’re the one who is in need of this necessity (even if it’s not, your job is to make the product seem like it). 

Lesson 4: Be Real. 

Whether it’s the scrub or the washing powder, you need to stay real to what you had promised. A good marketer will stay ethical in what he sells. 

Lesson 5: Call Of Action. 

Now that you have promoted your magical beans, you need to tell the customer how to get them. Are you promoting a marketing agency? Offer the link to the consultation appointment tab. Are you promoting a restaurant? Mention the link to reserve a table. Are you promoting a product? Direct the audience where to click for the website. The easier and more accessible your product is, the more chances people are going to take a look at it. 

The Airbnb campaign featured engaging video ads on social media, interactive features on their website and app, personalized emails, and eye-catching billboards, all with a clear call to action like "Book Now". Picture from here.

How To Become A Young Man

Now let’s move to the time after the widespread use of currency. Enough with the old, we need the young. Digital marketing is an important sector when it comes to promoting a product.

It takes creativity to succeed in it.  In order to survive in the realm of digital marketing, you must stand out and provide individuality. Otherwise, why would you be different from the 2 billion users who are using the same platform as you? For what reasons are you better? 

Research about what’s new and recreate it. Never copy, be inspired instead. The creativity lies in creating different content in a trend to promote your service/product.  

Commercle Marketing Agency Dubai UAE | Elevating Brands with 14+ Years of Expertise Commercle Marketing Agency Dubai UAE | Elevating Brands with 14+ Years of Expertise

The Super Bowl blackout was a spontaneous event that served as inspiration for the Oreos commercial. Rather than copying what other companies were doing on social media, Oreo created a special response that connected with a large number of the audience. Example of using the trend: Be inspired, But don't copy. Checkout the original post here.

Your marketing strategy should incorporate everything you post on your profile. Continuity and consistency are the keys to success. Stick to your plan and never procrastinate when it comes to executing your shootings, editing, and publishing.  

Analytics are required to determine whether the strategy is effective or not. Yes, even though it may appear boring and challenging, it is essential since you need to know when and how to adjust your approach.

Commercle Marketing Agency Dubai UAE | Elevating Brands with 14+ Years of Expertise Commercle Marketing Agency Dubai UAE | Elevating Brands with 14+ Years of Expertise

What Is Marketing Analytics?

Adaptability plays a huge role in the game. You must adjust to the ever-changing and unpredictable landscape of digital marketing if you want to survive in it. Offer quality and move quickly. 

Digital literacy is therefore essential before going live. It will get you where you want. Making good use of the tools, and new features, will never disappoint. Know your way around social media and networks. 

When it comes to publishing, always pay attention to detail because the last thing you want is an advertisement that contains a spelling error. It makes you look unprofessional and young (not in a good way). Use young-trendy words, maybe, but don’t appear as foolish. Gain respect and don’t sell dignity for views. Your audience says a lot about your brand; so make sure you have a good reputation. The market gossips, don’t be a matter of laughter and embarrassment. Rather be an inspiration and a collaboration dream.  

Make it accessible for the audience to communicate with you. Create a community for your brand. That way you build trust, and –fingers crossed, engagement. 

Moral Of The Story

A good marketer will use the traditional ways (master being the old man) and adapt to the recent environment – digital marketing. Follow a strategy and be a good executor. Know  who you need to talk to and have a bit of courage to stand out.